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I am a experienced London based Freelance French Translator. Among other things, I offer website translation, newsletters translation, PR translation, social media translation, transcreation, translation of products descriptions, translation of blog posts all from English into French. However, do not hesitate to contact me for any of your French translation requirements.

French Website Translation

If you want to sell to foreign customers, you need to speak their language. They may not speak English, and even if they do, French customers will appreciate it if you make the effort to provide them with a French translation of your website. Although Google Translate can sometimes be practical, it will decrease your chances to be found by search engines in France. Moreover, it won’t protect you from mistranslation and from the gibberish that will drive your customers away. Here’s a test for you. Take a page from your website. Translate it into French using Google Translate. Then translate it back into English. Not very appealing, isn’t? As a professional French Translator, I don’t only translate the words, but also tone of voice and make sure any reference is adapted to the French market. So if your website needs to be translated into French, please get in touch!

English to French Translation of Newsletters


People receive an increasing number of promotional emails and newsletters. Let’s be honnest, would you open a newsletter if it was in a foreign language? You probably wouldn’t and neither would your customers. Not only all your efforts to build your customer email database would go to waste, but it’s likely that your emails will end up to be considered as spam. Therefore, if email marketing is part of your promotional strategy, you need to use a native speaker of the language of your targeted country or region to translate your newsletter. I am a Freelance French Translator and you can contact me if you need your newsletters to be translated from English into French.

Transcreation from English into French

Transcreation is a portmanteau word that refers to the translation of creative content such as promotional brochures, advertisements or banners. It requires a mix of translation, writing and creative skills. If you need a French Transcreator to translate your next ad, I can help.

French PR Translation

French Translation of Press Releases
Journalists are bombarded with dozens of press releases everyday. On top of that, they have to get interviews, write articles and a bunch of other things. They are very busy people! It doesn’t matter whether a journalist understand English or not. When you send a press release that is not written in French, you’re giving them extra work. As a result,  your press release is likely to get bined or deleted right away. That’s why when you send PR material in France, you should do it in French. I can translate your press releases and other PR material from English into French. Click here to get in touch and get your press releases translated into French now.

English to French Translation of Blog Posts


Blog posts are a very efficient way to increase your SEO if it’s relevant and in the language of your customers. Otherwise, it will be penalised by Google and your fans will dismiss them. Therefore, to feed your French website with interesting stories, you’ve got two solutions: translating your existing English blog posts into French or writing blog posts directly in French. Whatever your choice, click here to contact me if you need some blogs posts written or translated in French.

Translation of Products Descriptions

Your products descriptions are a part of your marketing strategy. They must be engaging and give your customer the will to purchase your product or service. I have experience translating product descriptions for the fashion, furniture, education and software industries. However, even if your company is in another sector, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a Freelance French Translator.

Social Media Translation in French

social media icon

Consider the following Facebook status translated from French into English with Google Translate.

What do you feel most developed trip? To find out click here: (Opodo)

[Coup de heart]: We love this sweater promotion discover our selection Days Shock:! (Armand Thierry)

“I’m too tired”, “I’m cold nose”, “I do not wanna go”, “I have a stomach ache”, “And the more it rains” … No doubt, today is the recovery! And you, what was the excuse this morning? # Back (Danette)

Do they make sense? Do they look professional? Would you trust those brands if they were posting such ill-written status? The response is ‘no’. Only a real human French can produce well-crafted French translations of your social media posts and offer your French speaking customers the respect and care they deserve. So the get the professional services of a real French Translator now!


I can work remotely or from your office in London and around. Contact me now to talk about your English to French translation requirements.

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