5 Less Known Hootsuite Features for Twitter

The social media management platform Hootsuite is mostly known for its ability to schedule tweets, to shorten URL, to publish in bulk and to measure the success of links. This weekend, I had a closer look at Hootsuite and discovered or re-discovered some less known features of Hootsuite for Twitter.

Social media can be overwhelming

Scheduling Retweets

Hootsuite is well known for giving the opportunity to schedule your tweets ahead of time. However, it does better than that. It also allows you to schedule your retweets, which can be very useful if you see something of interest at a time when you know you target audience is not on Twitter.

Modifying a Retweet

On Twitter, if you want to put your two pennies in a conversation or retweet and reply to a tweet at the same time, you need to copy and paste said tweet, add the RT, delete the date, add your own words and posts. It’s a bit tiresome. Hootsuite, however, creates a retweet in the publishing box. You can modify it and create a MT instead of a RT or add a quick reply at the front before retweeting it to your followers.

Assigning tweets and DM to other people

I used to work as a Moderator for a social media agency. For a couple of clients, I was engaging with their communities on Facebook. As I wasn’t part of the client’s company, I had to email questions and complains to my contact who had to pass it on to the right person inside the company before it could go back to me. It felt like a real waste of time and sometimes it could take a couple of days before I could post a response on Facebook. It was bad and on Twitter, it would have been even worse ! With Hootsuite, you can assign some tweets (like the ones you are mentioned in) and direct messages to a team or to individual. You can even set your account so you can edit the tweet if needed before it going live.

Filtering by Klout Score

Community Managers readily engage with people who approach them on Twitter. However, it is also important for Community Managers to participate in other people’s conversations.  The problem is that Twitter streams can quickly become overwhelming and hard to keep up with. Filtering your streams by Klout score allows you to engage with the influential people you follow and hopefully create some exposure for your brand.

Using Hootsuite Anywhere on the Web

Hootlet is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to use Hootsuite from your browser. It’s very practical as it enables you to use all Hootsuite options such as scheduling or posting on several social media channels without actually checking Hootsuite. You can even use it directly from Twitter and share a tweet from your feed with your Facebook friends or your LinkedIn contacts.

And you? Do you use those features? Or do you know some other ‘hidden’ features on Hootsuite?

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